LED Lighting in Miami

LED lighting systems in Miami are slowly replacing the neon flashy signs that the city is known for. The Miami city-specific purposes for LED lighting can include aviation, marine use (under and above water), store fronts, custom auto designs, street lights, traffic signals and much more. Two iconic Miami buildings, the Miami Tower and the […]

LED Lights and Closet Design

Closets can be dark and drab, however, Wessel LED thinks your closet deserves better. Getting the right kind of lighting for a closet can be a challenge. Wessel LED offers not only amazing LED closet lighting but also professional advice on how to get the lighted closet of your dreams. We are well aware that […]

Three things you didn’t know about LED light bulbs

If you’ve heard about residential LED light bulbs, you probably know that they’re energy-efficient, last a long time, and are pricier than other light bulb technologies. As you consider your lighting options, here a few things that you might not know about LEDs. LEDs are cooler. When you’re running fans or an air conditioner this […]

Electric Costs Soar in NY

New Yorkers are about to get zapped on their electric bills. Starting May 28, households in New York’s five boroughs were socked with rate increases of up to 12 percent to run electric — after the feds decided that power companies needed an extra $500 million a year, according to the NY Post. A typical […]

LED Landscape Lighting

When considering appropriate LED landscape lighting, you’ll want to consider warm and vibrant colors, as well as shapes, depth, dimensions and textures. The more your landscape lighting emulates nature, the more it can brighten the usefulness of our outdoor space. Here are some questions you will need to ask yourself before you decide to use […]

UM, FAU and NY Jets Jump on Board LED Bandwagon

The Herbert Wellness Center at the University of Miami, located in Coral Gables, Fl, has installed a number of 150 Watt High Bay Lights over its main basketball court. These lights replaced 400W metal halide fixtures and are increasing the playability of the court while also reducing energy usage by over 60%. The New York […]

LED Maintenance

Generally, LED lighting requires very little maintenance. This is one of the essential advantages of LEDs over more customary lighting choices. Be that as it may, there are a couple of basic steps which can be taken to keep up the quality and life of your LED lighting systems Proper Install Most LED products are […]

Choosing the Ideal LED Bulb

It should be intuitive that your lighting choices need to be unique and individualized based on the purpose of each particular room and space. LED technology has the capability of making all of your work and/or home space not only comfortable, but functional, safe, efficient and environment friendly. Light bulbs work similarly to sunlight in […]

5 Reasons to Invest in LED lighting

1) Your monthly utility bill is too high. In simple terms, LED lighting uses less wattage, and less wattage means cheaper electric bills. Your utility bill will always reflect your usage and if you start saving energy right away by updating your lighting system, you’ll be saving when utility costs inevitably rise.   2) You’re […]


DIY LED LINEAR LIGHTING “How to Wessel” By now you know how great linear lighting is and how easy it is to get your custom extrusions from Wessel LED Lighting Systems. This post is to dedicated to lead you to where the pros get their inspiration and  show you how easy it is gonna be […]